Brent Lambert is a lifelong resident of East Ridge and a product of Hamilton County Public Schools. He has 3 beautiful children with his wife Mandy. Brent earned an undergraduate degree in history from UTC and a Master of Public Administration from Valdosta State University.

Mayor of East Ridge

Previously serving as an East Ridge City Council Member, Brent Lambert is currently tin his second successful term as Mayor of East Ridge. During his 8 year tenure as East Ridge Mayor, the city has experienced an economic boom with city-wide retail sales going up 20% in just one year from 2016 to 2017.

Mayor Lambert also championed the Exit 1 reconfiguration project along with a new Camp Jordan Parkway, created curbside recycling program in 2011 with over 2800 users and raised fire and police salaries to remain competitive with surrounding communities.  He managed this transformation while keeping property tax rates lower than neighboring Chattanooga.

Mayor Lambert has also been a champion for public education. He has voted for the city to provide funding for arts education in the elementary schools and entered into an agreement with the Hamilton County Department of Education to own and maintain the athletic facilities on the campus of East Ridge Middle/High School.

Your Next Commissioner

Brent Lambert is committed to working just as hard for Hamilton County as he has for East Ridge.  He will work with other community leaders in building partnerships that result in positive tangible results for the citizens he is elected to represent.